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I started my family in October 2014 when I brought home my 6-year-old soon-to-be-adopted daughter.

After 10 years of trying to make a family the old-fashioned way (at home with my wife and a turkey baster), we decided to dive into the fost-adopt process in Oakland, CA and document the journey right here in the privacy of the internet.

We lovingly refer to our daughter as “The Squirrel” because she’s so squirrelly. She’s also hilarious, kind and the bravest person I’ve ever met.

Trauma Mama? YES. Queer, multiracial family? YES. Committed to caring for myself so I don’t totally lose my mind? YES. Determined to raise a girl who knows her power and loves herself? HELL YES. If you care about this stuff, too…welcome. Why not sort through the wonderful mess together? To me, raising a Go Girl is all about becoming the woman I want my daughter to see.


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Author, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Performer

Since I was a girl, I’ve wanted to write books and make plays for kids. I’ve spent the last 15 years doing just that. I’m the author of Starring Celia, a chapter book about a 4th grade mixed girl who takes center stage and changes her world. I also wrote the Go Squirrel Coloring Book Series for early readers to learn social lessons through the mishaps of a gender creative Squirrel. I’m committed to writing books that star girls of all shapes, colors, sizes and textures so they can see themselves on the page and know how much their stories matter.

In 2002, I co-founded Spotlight: Girls with my dreamy wife, Lynn Johnson. Together, we’ve taught thousands of girls in the San Francisco Bay Area the skills they need to keep themselves safe and stand in the spotlight at Go Girls! Camp, a program we’re working to franchise nationally. I’m also a certified Kidpower instructor, teaching kids all over California how to throw mean words in the trash and set boundaries to keep themselves safe. When I’m not writing, parenting or singing karaoke in my living room, I’m performing with the Living Arts Playback Theater Ensemble in Oakland, CA where I’ve been a company member since 2005.

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