I write books starring girl protagonists.  I write books starring alternative families.  I write books starring kids with learning differences, kids who are gender creative and kids of color.  I write books so your kids can see themselves in print and be proud of who they are.

starring-celia-book-coverStarring Celia

Starring Celia is the story of a 4th grade girl who experiences painful name-calling – and responds by slapping the girl who bullied her. But when Celia enrolls in a Go Girls! Camp, she learns to stand up for herself in peaceful and powerful ways.  Illustrated by Thorina Rose.  Buy it here>

Go Squirrel! Series

She’s curious, creative, playful and, like all Go Girls!, makes lots of mistakes.  Go Squirrel! is a series of coloring books – written by co-founder Allison Kenny and illustrated by Christy Booth – aimed at teaching young readers complex social/emotional lessons through fun and accessible social stories. Illustrated by Christy Booth.  Buy them here>

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 11.02.34 AMGo Squirrel!: Books 1-3

Help Squirrel learn to TAKE IN THE GOOD, be a GREAT SPORT, & HAVE FUN with her friends!

In this coloring book series:

Squirrel Goes to the Store

Squirrel Wins the Game

Squirrel is a Good Friend

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 11.17.21 AMGo Squirrel!: Books 4-6

Help Squirrel learn SHE’S JUST RIGHT as she is, how to be a GOOD FRIEND, & all the POWERFUL THINGS she can do!

In this coloring book series:

Squirrel is a Go Girl!

Squirrel Makes a Friend

Squirrel Can Do It

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 11.22.33 AMGo Squirrel!: Books 7-9

Help her learn what to do with BIG FEELINGS, that MISTAKES ARE OKAY, & how to BE FLEXIBLE when plans change.

In this coloring book series:

Squirrel Gets Mad

Squirrel Makes Mistakes

Squirrel Keeps the Fun Going