Raising a Go Girl!: A Creative Learning Community Working to Support Peaceful & Powerful Girls

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Most of us raising young girls today grew up in a post-Women’s Movement world.  We read Free To Be You & Me.  Title IX allowed us to become fierce competitors.  We were expected to go to college to actually get an education not to find a husband.

Despite all that has advanced for American women since the late 60’s and early 70’s, we still feel the pressure of the unfair limitations and unrealistic expectations we face simply by being born girls.  As American women today, we are working very hard (and for not enough pay).  Our attention is pulled in a million directions at once.  We are constantly plugged in at the same time that we feel more and more disconnected.  And all of this is happening amidst a backdrop of inaccurate portrayals and sometimes hostile treatment by the media, businesses, politicians, and other powers-that-be.

Have you ever:

  • Found yourself saying “I’m sorry” for something that was absolutely not your fault?

  • Remained silent because you had no idea how to respond to a comment that made you feel uncomfortable?

  • Avoided participating in an activity or project because you were afraid of not “doing it right?”

  • Had a hard time working with other women because you experienced them as catty, or emotional, or distant, or spilly, or dramatic?

  • Experienced stress or anxiety as a result of feeling out of control – too many decisions, too many big feelings, too many responsibilities?

  • Felt frustrated by an ad, movie, or show that once again painted a stereotypical picture of women and girls or left us out all together?

  • Worried that your daughter has experienced any of the above and have been at a loss about how to support them through it?

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If you answered “Yes!” to any of the above, then, I bet you have asked yourself, “How am I going to support my girls to be peaceful and powerful if I am not sure how to do it myself?”

Great question! You are not alone.  When I describe Go Girls! Camp to grown up people, eyes light up.  I often hear, “I want to do that!” or “I wish I had that when I was a kid!!”

The reason why people light up when they hear about Go Girls! Camp is that, for 2 weeks, girls get to hang out in a peaceful and creative space where they get to make stuff, practice being kind to each other, and are encouraged to love themselves just how they are.

Doesn’t that sound awesome?  Don’t you wish you could be part of something like that?

Well, no more wishing.  You deserve to be part of a peaceful and creative community too. Here it is.

Raising a Go Girl! is a 6-week, online course and learning community just for women who are ready to take center stage!

In Raising a Go Girl!, I teach you the art and science behind the Go Girls! Culture Code – a 5-step social-emotional learning philosophy designed to help you (and your girls) become happier, healthier, more resilient, and more comfortable standing up and standing out…despite the obstacles!  The Culture Code is our guide as we reflect on our experiences, make art that excites and challenges us, share our stories, celebrate ourselves and each other, and bring our learning home to share all of this goodness with our girls.

You should take this course if you are a:

  • Mom of a girl (by adoption, birth, or otherwise) who is committed to becoming the Go Girl! she wants to model for her daughter
  • Classroom teacher/teaching artist/administrator who is moved by the unique social/emotional challenges of girls and is passionate about advocating on behalf of girls
  • Social worker/counselor/mental health provider who works to help girls become their best selves
Renee Rubin Ross Mother, Non-Profit Management Consultant

Renee Rubin Ross
Mother, Non-Profit Management Consultant

“Joining the Raising a Go Girl! course was a powerful and empowering experience. I had heard rave reviews of the Go Girls! experience from my daughter, who attended Go Girls! summer Camp. In terms of the online class, it was terrific to get inside the Go Girls! Culture Code and talk to my daughter about speaking up for ourselves, making mistakes, and being human. The role plays were particularly meaningful, as my daughter and I had the opportunity to feel the hard feelings around tough situations and rewrite the scripts for these moments. I also loved applying the Culture Code to my own life.  The content of the whole course is amazing and inspiring.”


By the end of this course,  you will have:

  • Tools and practices to integrate into your everyday life that inspire you to be the best version of yourself
  • Activities and language to talk to your girls about what it takes to be bold and brave in this world
  • Original pieces of art of various media – created by YOU – that will stun you, challenge you, and impress you
  • Deep connections to other women like you who want to work together to make this world a safer and more equitable place for women and girls

I promise that you will be amazed by the Go Girl! you have become.

About Me
Lynn Johnson, Instructor of Raising a Go Girl!

magazine headshot square editLynn Johnson is igniting a compassion revolution by putting girls center stage.  She is the Co-Founder/CEO of Glitter & Razz Productions LLC, a San Francisco Bay Area company that produces Go Girls! Camp – a highly popular summer camp with where young girls learn and practice social/emotional skills through theater and expressive arts.  Lynn is a sought-after teaching artist, coach, and workshop facilitator with 25 years experience teaching students of all ages.  She and her wife, Allison Kenny write about their experiences raising their own Go Girl! through the foster/adopt process on

The next session of Raising a Go Girl! begins March 15, 2016 and runs through April 29. 

In addition to the online content, the course includes:

  • Weekly Community Circles – live coaching calls where we all come together to share our successes and challenges, practice empathetic listening, and ask for help.
  • Access to a private Facebook group where we share resources and ideas
  • Your very own Go Girls! t-shirt
  • A certificate of completion officially naming you a “Go Girl!”

Are you ready to join me in raising a Go Girl!?

The price of Raising a Go Girl! is $299.