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Weekend Update: This is Halloween!

Love Wins - Allison Kenny - November 2, 2015

Squirrel hung these herself—a BIG accomplishment since her fine motor is a bit delayed.

Last year on Halloween, Squirrel called us “Mom” for the first time. We had a mini-carnival in our house with cider, made homemade decorations, and went trick-or-treating on our block. Squirrel had been with us less than a month and was in total shock from the transition. I remember knocking on people’s doors and Squirrel trying to wander right in. She had no concept of strangers. After all, we were complete strangers to her and now she was living in our home and calling us “Mom.” It was like we were all in a dream, wandering down 63rd street getting candy as if all our lives hadn’t just been turned completely upside down.

A year later things feel very, very different. Here’s a peek at the difference a year can make!

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8Even though Squirrel was too shy to become the Spy Kitty of her dreams, she loved dressing us up to see her idea come to life. The keys around our necks were very important, although I’m not clear why. We crept through the streets of Oakland, “spying” on each house we passed. Her “I’m just a plain cat, Mom! costume came to life more than once as she got her spy on. There is nothing plain about her.


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