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Summer of Confidence

Go Girl! - Allison Kenny - August 12, 2015

“Baby, you are just getting bigger every day! On the inside and the outside,”

summer of growthI hear myself saying again and again. The Squirrel loves standing up with her back against the inside of her closet door. “Here’s a pencil, Mommy! Mark how tall I am!” I do, even though the day before we did the same thing. The mark on the wall hasn’t moved but I know this isn’t the kind of growth we’re really tracking. “I think these shoes are too small for me, mom. Let’s give them away to a littler kid. My feet are getting bigger,” she says with pride. Her feet have been the same size all summer. But she’s right. Her growth has been SO enormous, we’re all looking for measurable ways to track and celebrate it.  

To that end, here’s a poem for my girl…

She used to scream and shake in the pool. Now she kicks off the wall like a mermaid.

She used to hide her head in her hands. Now she sings on the stage.

She used to cheat at CandyLand. Now she can follow the rules.

She used to hate getting out of bed. Now she dresses herself in a flash!

She used to have all her baby teeth. Now they keep falling out!

She used to fall down a lot. Now she leaps, ronde de jambes, and does pirouettes across the floor.

She used to yell and kick and throw. Now she asks for what she needs.

She used to cry for every good-bye. Now she hugs, kisses and says, “Bye! Love you!”

She used to say “I can’t read.” Now she says, “I’m good at it.”

She used to say, “I can’t do it.” Now she says, “I just need to practice.”

She used to feel bad and hurt her friends sometimes. Now she mostly keeps hands & feet to herself.

She used to wake up wet. Now she wakes up dry.

She used to have hair in her face. Now, she has purple bangs.

She used to hate her feelings. Now she lets them out.

She used to wonder if we were safe grown-ups. Now she knows for sure.

She used to be a little girl. Now she is a Queen.


May we all have the courage to keep learning and growing the way this child does.

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