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Tales from the Maxi Pad

Love Wins - Allison Kenny - January 27, 2015

Why the maxi pad? Because from the moment my wife and I brought home our 6 year old daughter to live with us, we’ve been a house of Go Girls!. So much estrogen, in fact, that I’m moved to quote Janeane Garofalo in Reality Bites whose character shares an apartment with Winona Ryder’s character. While watching this 90’s classic as a college student, I had no idea that I’d end up marrying a woman or raising a little girl that neither of us gave birth to. Like Winona and Janine, we too have a “maxi pad” we call home and it’s recently been turned upside down.

Reality Bites

We’re in the process of adopting our little darling through the foster care system in California. If you have made your family this way, you know how complex, intense, crazy-making and rigorous the adoption process can be. And that’s all before you even get your kid. Our daughter, (let’s call her “The Squirrel”) has been with us for just over 100 days. We’re foster parents now and plan to adopt her in the Spring. We’re shining a little light on our process of mothering in this way as a window into the home of Go Girls!. We’re not as hot as the moms on The Fosters, but we’re willing to share what’s real for us along the way.


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