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The Moment our Adopted Daughter Claimed Her New Village

Foster/Adoption, Learning, Parenting - Lynn Johnson - April 27, 2015

Last week, I shared about how utterly moved I was when the Squirrel told me that she loved me for the first time.

As it turns out, she loves all of you as well.

Yesterday, as part of her “patch time” (see my post “Pirate Day” for explanation), the Squirrel had the idea to do some cutting.  Ever since her participation in Art Yowza camp last December, this is a skill she’s working to improve.  She’s determined to get better and better at it.  Patch Time is a great opportunity to practice as it is a focused activity that really engages her “lazy” eye.

I decided to draw shapes for Squirrel to cut.  As this was happening, Squirrel started asking me to write little love messages on each shape.  It started with “I Love Roxie” and “I Love Rufus” (our dogs).  Then, it progressed to a few close friends “I love Blaine.”  Until the Squirrel had an idea to make 1000 of these love shapes.  “They could be invitations to my birthday party!”

Seeing as her birthday is not until September (and she has no ability to grasp how long away that is), we convinced her instead to glue the shapes to a large piece of chart paper so that we can keep them for later.  I drew a tree for the background and together, we created this…

I love this piece so much because it is filled with all the family and friends she has claimed in just the last 6 months of this new life she was thrust into.  She has literally forged out new shapes and declared her love for her new village.  This simple “Patch Time” fine motor activity morphed into spiritual exercise; an act of gratitude aided by kid scissors and a glue stick.


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“I Love You”: A Parenting Milestone

Forever Family, Tales from the Maxi Pad - Lynn Johnson - April 20, 2015

I was away all weekend leading workshops at the NCAOSA Mini-Conference in Carmel Valley, CA when the most incredible thing happened…

The Squirrel told me that she loved me.

In the beginning, I was afraid that she wasn’t going to attach to me at all.  And now, just 6 months later, here she is…loving me.  She told me over the phone as I was finishing my dinner and she was getting ready for bed.

“You’re coming home tomorrow, right Momma Lynn?”
“Right, Baby.  I’m very excited to come home so I can see you.”
“I’m happy to see you too, Mommy!”
“Okay, you go to bed now, Boo Boo.  I love you.”
“Good night.  I love you.”

And there it is.

And when she and Allison picked me up from the rental car place in Oakland, the first thing she did was hand me this…


Yes, it is a heart.  No, I did not upload the image backwards.  “I LOVE MOMMY” is, in fact, what it says.  Reinforcing that she meant what she had said the night before.

Today, I am exhausted from traveling, meeting 100 new people, and leading multiple theater workshops.  I have spent the whole day in my pajamas.  But I am completely nourished by this miraculous milestone.  My daughter of 6 months loves me.

Perhaps I should go away more often.

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