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10th Anniversary

Love Wins - Allison Kenny - June 25, 2016

Ten years ago today

Our nieces & nephews sang

L is for the way you

Look at me

O is for the only one I see

V is very very extraordinary

E is even more than anyone that you adore


Ten years ago today

We promised to be ourselves and

Love each other

At the same time

To strive for



We danced on Pride Sunday

We ate BBQ in retro dresses

We produced our wedding TA-DAH  in the

Women’s Building

With so much help from family & friends

We flew to France and took centerstage

Before finding respite in each other’s arms

In that heat wave



Ten years ago today

We didn’t know what was coming

The cervical cancer

Or memories of early abuse

The way our business would grow

Or who our daughter would be


We didn’t know

That gay marriage would become legal

Or that Black and Queer sanctuaries would get

Shot up

And how we’d all grieve

Our sense of safety


Our connection



Ten years ago today

We didn’t know that

Our marriage would be a sturdy


As the ground shook beneath us


We didn’t know how many divorces

We’d see around us

We didn’t know how deep and wide

Our love could



That our roots would intertwine

Like a redwood grove

How we’d hold each other



How we’d make each other laugh

How we’d uphold those promises

Those vows

How our words would come alive

In action

How we’d make


A verb.

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Wow, thanks Wells Fargo

Foster/Adoption, Gay Parenting, Media - Lynn Johnson - April 28, 2015

This commercial made both Allison and me cry.  Have you seen it?  What do you think?

This is the first commercial in Wells Fargo’s #WhyIWork campaign.  This post on Ad Age says that Wells Fargo “wanted to create a more personal connection with consumers and highlight why people actually work.”  I know.  After all that we’ve gone through with big banks recently, it sounds a little like bullshit.  We’re cynical and jaded, aren’t we? Banks don’t care about us!  They don’t want a personal connection!  All they want is our money.

But, here’s the thing.  I am totally taking my cynical hat off for this one.  Many of us, when asked to describe why we work, would share an answer that has something to do with our family.  I am beyond elated that, in Wells Fargo’s attempt to connect with consumers (whether the connection is authentic or not), they have dared to travel outside of the traditional family box.  They have taken a stand that they intend to hawk their wares to all kinds of families.  So there.

I can say that, as a interracial, lesbian, adoptive family, I have never ever ever seen a family that looks anything like mine on a major commercial.  Big bank or not, I think this is really friggin’ cool.  Thanks Wells Fargo.

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A love letter to my wife on our 13th Valentine’s Day

Gay Parenting, Parenting - Lynn Johnson - February 14, 2015

Al on the Love Bench

Dear Allison,

Who knew 13 years ago that we would be here today?  Doing this.  Making our lives together.  Making a business together.  Making a family together.

Who am I kidding?  I knew.  You knew.  We knew from the very beginning, didn’t we?  We knew from the first time we sipped the rum punch happy hour special on Haight Street together.  We knew from the first time we experienced the awesomeness of the Dyke March together.  We knew from the first time we shared a dressing room in the outlet mall together.  We were young and didn’t know much.  But, we knew.

We knew from that first time I looked you in the eye and said “I think we should raise kids together.”  Even though we weren’t even dating yet.  Even though it made absolutely no sense.

I knew that you would be the kind of mother who gives her heart to her kids without giving away her sanity.

The kind of mother who fights fiercely advocating for her kids while also giving them the tools to fight for themselves.

The kind of mother who can play dollhouse, host a dance party in the kitchen, and belt out made up songs at the top of her lungs and then clearly and perfectly articulate the rules and boundaries in a way that transforms a screaming child into a “Yes Mommy” child in the blink of an eye.

13 years ago, I knew you would be that kind of mother and today, you are that kind of mother.  A mother full of passion and strength and compassion and resilience.  A mother who has won the heart of our little girl.

I know a lot more now than I knew 13 years ago.  Sure, I don’t always have the right answer but I do pride myself on my wisdom, my intuition.  I have never and will never be more proud than that day I looked you in the eye and said “I think we should raise kids together.”

Wow.  I really got that one right.


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