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6 Ways to Heal Your Daughter’s Broken Heart this Valentine’s Day

Forever Family, Self-care - Allison Kenny - February 11, 2016

Maybe she’s lost her pet or grandparent. Maybe you two have been at each other’s throats lately. Maybe she’s feeling alone or rejected by her friends. Or maybe, like our little Squirrel, she’s already learned to protect her heart by shutting down and refusing to let love in. Whatever the reason, broken hearts can mend…but it takes a lot more than candy hearts and chocolate to do it.

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A love letter to my wife on our 13th Valentine’s Day

Gay Parenting, Parenting - Lynn Johnson - February 14, 2015

Al on the Love Bench

Dear Allison,

Who knew 13 years ago that we would be here today?  Doing this.  Making our lives together.  Making a business together.  Making a family together.

Who am I kidding?  I knew.  You knew.  We knew from the very beginning, didn’t we?  We knew from the first time we sipped the rum punch happy hour special on Haight Street together.  We knew from the first time we experienced the awesomeness of the Dyke March together.  We knew from the first time we shared a dressing room in the outlet mall together.  We were young and didn’t know much.  But, we knew.

We knew from that first time I looked you in the eye and said “I think we should raise kids together.”  Even though we weren’t even dating yet.  Even though it made absolutely no sense.

I knew that you would be the kind of mother who gives her heart to her kids without giving away her sanity.

The kind of mother who fights fiercely advocating for her kids while also giving them the tools to fight for themselves.

The kind of mother who can play dollhouse, host a dance party in the kitchen, and belt out made up songs at the top of her lungs and then clearly and perfectly articulate the rules and boundaries in a way that transforms a screaming child into a “Yes Mommy” child in the blink of an eye.

13 years ago, I knew you would be that kind of mother and today, you are that kind of mother.  A mother full of passion and strength and compassion and resilience.  A mother who has won the heart of our little girl.

I know a lot more now than I knew 13 years ago.  Sure, I don’t always have the right answer but I do pride myself on my wisdom, my intuition.  I have never and will never be more proud than that day I looked you in the eye and said “I think we should raise kids together.”

Wow.  I really got that one right.


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